My research interests include public finance and budgeting, taxation, public sector accounting, income inequality, balance sheet analysis, intersectoral linkages, fiscal transparency, macroeconomics and quantitative methods. Current projects include perspectives on cryptocurrencies, assessing the quality of financial statistics, and sovereign borrowing costs.

Peer Reviewed Journals

Seiferling, M. (2020). Apples, Oranges, and Lemons: Public Sector Debt Statistics in the 21st Century. Financial Innovation 6(37): 2020.

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Book Chapters

Goerl, C. (Cologne) and Seiferling, M. (2015). Income Inequality Fiscal Decentralization and Transfer Dependency. Published in Clement, B, de Mooij, R. Gupta, S and Keen, M. (ed) “Income Inequality and Fiscal Policy”. International Monetary Fund 2015.

Other Published Articles and Reports

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Working Papers

Seiferling, M. “Sovereign Borrowing Costs, Fiscal Opacity and Budgetary Consequences”

Seiferling, M. “Power and the Purse: Tax Compositions, Regime Type and Economic Development”

Seiferling, M. “Endogenous Budget Rules?”

Seiferling, M. “Fiscal Consolidation from Above and Below the Line”

Burton, G. & Seiferling, M. “The Power of the Purse: The Impact of Female Representation on Public Expenditure, 1990-2006”. (presented at the American Political Science Association Conference, Toronto 2009)